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univercd – Cisco documentation resource locator

I was looking for some details on a 2800 router and as always, started with Google. I found all kind of results, some good and close (but general, I had to find a 2800 specific document) and some far far away. Then I remembered that there is one place I didn’t check: Cisco’s main Documentation site: univercd

Since I get many questions about finding documents, I think it does worth a post.

So what’s the story here? This is the official explanation:

Beginning May 14, 2007, Cisco will begin migrating product documentation from the Cisco Connection
Online (CCO) Documentation site to the Cisco Technical Support and Documentation site on Cisco.com.
As documents are migrated, they are replaced with redirects to the new locations. Please update your
bookmarks to reflect new document URLs. Additionally, new product documentation will begin to appear
only on the Technical Support and Documentation site.

Simple right?
Search by hardware type to the left OR software type to the right (Routers->Modular Access Routers in my case for the 2800 series) then choose the specific series – Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers was my choice and you get all the main documentation topics right away:

I was a click away from the item I was looking for: Connecting a USB Module to the Router USB Port and it all took about 10 seconds (and I include the site redirection wait time). I admit, sometimes it take a bit longer to find what you’re looking for but even then, it would most likely be faster than any other search option when you need an official document.

Oh, you ask about the USB eToken? That would have to wait for the next post 😉

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