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Computer and Communication Networks – book review

Now that I covered CCNP topics ranging from switches and routers to security and quality of service, my next book come as a great overall review.

Computer and Communication Networks

Pearson’s Computer and Communication Networks by Nader F. MIR is a comprehensive book that cover many networking topics. While it doesn’t pretend to be a study guide, it does cover many topics and can be a great resource for those who already completed their studies, professionals who lack the official certifications but have good networking knowledge and even new comers without the basic knowledge.

The book has two parts: Fundamental concepts and Advanced concepts.
The fundamental concepts are great for either new comers or those who want to refresh their knowledge. It is updated to the 2010 networking state of mind and cover the basics. The advanced concepts are more complicated and you should have some prior knowledge to make the most out of it. As someone who just completed CCNP and has most of the theory (still) fresh in his head I found it comprehensive but not too deep (that is why we have certification exams ;))

Part I – Fundamental Concepts start with the basic protocol and packet concepts. It covers devices and transmission options and explain LAN, Wireless and Routing. The end of this part cover the most common protocols (such as TCP, UDP and DNS) and network security.

Part II – Advanced Concepts, cover some of the more complex networking ideas like QoS, Switch fabrics, optical networks and multicasting. The last few chapters explain VPNs and tunneling, data compression (video and voice), VoIP, Mobile and Wireless.

I really like the RFCs list in Appendix B. When you study\read\research a new topic and look for some extra information, RFCs are the best place to start. This list can save you the search time and point you directly to the RFC number you need.

This is a good book to keep in your library, one day you’ll need something and will definitely find it in this book.

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