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ONT – CoPP, Control Plane Policing

Going again with other reading resources I found this white paper, Deploying Control Plane Policing both interesting and informative.

Since this topic is popular it was easy to get lost in the sea of Google but one page caught my eyes – Fabio Semperboni’s post on CiscoZine.com (will Cisco make him change his domain name too?). It is a great read and instead of rewriting the same details, I’m pointing you to his CoPP article which cover the theory and a lab.

As a bonus Fabio uploaded a great lab video:

Quick update: Since CiscoBlog.com was asked (forced would be more accurate) to stop using the word Cisco I came across few other bloggers who changed their domain name to avoid similar troubles. The big problem is the NDA you sign when you take any Cisco exam which restrict you from using Cisco’s name in any way. Using the name Cisco can cost you with your certification – definitely not worthy…
Jeremy moved his blog to a new address: CiskoBlog.com

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