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I’m back and I have something to say

My vacation was good, hot (as South Carolina Mike promised) and like every good vacation, short.

I’m back to work and study tomorrow but I must comment on few things that happen while I was gone.

The first and most important is The Death of CiscoBlog.com. Using Jeremy Cioara’s materials I became a big fan. What Jeremy does for Cisco, educating and promoting is priceless and I can’t understand Cisco’s decision to shut down his blog. I can’t understand why, why now and who made this decision. I’m sorry for Jeremy and hope for a surprise end to this story. I only wish his post came one day earlier…

An interesting piece of information about a new Microsoft certification came to my reader few days ago. The details state that Microsoft is in the process of creating a new Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification as an entry-level certification for Windows Server 2008 small business administrators. This is interesting and due to the popularity of the technology, can make a significant change in MS certifications.

The big dance is about to complete and though it is very close it is so boring (and have the expected end). Sorry guys but I cannot understand what is all the noise about…

Tomorrow I’ll be back at the office after 10 days, a rare delight with an expected load of work waiting on my desk. Tomorrow night I’m back with Jeremy and my QoS videos, hope to complete the exam before the end of the month. It is good to be back 🙂

Update: Jeremy moved his blog to CiskoBlog.com

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