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Group Policy Video Mentor – book review

I received a new Group Policy Video Mentor kit from Pearson for evaluation.
This is a two plus hour video instruction guide for everything group policy.

Group Policy Video Mentor by Pearson

If you wonder how a Group Policy related post have place in my blog, let me remind you that Microsoft is part of my world and this blog is about my Cisco and Microsoft certification path.

The kit include a DVD and small booklet with short description of each lab. Nothing fancy.

Derek Melber’s short description on the booklet cover says he is one of only 10 MVPs on Group Policy, impressive. Since the last editorial check one MVP lost his title (MVP listing) – only nine left. This is definitely a big gun but I’m not sure this DVD require one.

I did not like the opening module which stand as introduction but actually promote the author, his company and services. When you buy a $70 book you don’t want to get any sales videos!

The video is aimed at entry-level newcomers to the group policy world. For this group it is a great product with the most basic actions like create GPO, Link it to an OU or editing the GPO explained in details both by lecture and descriptive lab.

Each module take one basic action, describe the topic in a 4-8 minute lecture and then show how to do it using a 2008 server and XP client. The quality is great and Derek’s explanations are clear. If you want to familiarize yourself with the Group Policy world this is a great video.

Bottom line: While a very good introduction for newcomers to GPO world, this kit has no use for professionals who used group policy at any level.

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