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BSCI halfway through

Long weekend with both Valentine’s day on Sunday and President’s day on Monday (and a coming off school week for the kids), not so fan for studies so wifi, tomorrow is off ❤

Before I hit back to techie stuff, mainly OSPF and IS-IS I want to thanks you for the feedback. I hit 10,000 hits this weekend and to celebrate, added the visitor location widget so we can all see where the next myriad is coming from.

Once again I’ll say how surprised I am from OSPF and this time I’ll through in IS-IS too. For more than a year I couldn’t get myself start working on BSCI and Link-State protocols where the main reason. I hear and read how it is difficult, scary and some of it (IS-IS anyone?) impossible. This is not true!

OSPF concepts are simple: one backbone area called area 0 and as many other areas. Each additional area must have one ABR router with one interface within area 0. simple.
Taking the rest of the concepts from here is logical and flow as long as you keep this one simple idea working.

OSPF labs where real fun as they have rewarding output commands. Both the basic and advanced labs I posted and the few other labs I did where straight forward and the errors the router provide are a great help.
The one place where you wonder is Stub, Totally Stubby and Not-so-Totally Stubby areas – are you serious?!

When I considered my options of BSCI or ROUTE exams one of the big advantages to the ROUTE exam was IS-IS. Being exact, it was lack of IS-IS as it has been removed from the new CCNP track. Jeremy Cioara made me love IS-IS, he simplified it and even though he tried to stay unbiased, I got the feeling he prefer it over OSPF. Can you really blame him after you see the implementation part, which is so much easier than anything else on this exam?

IS-IS, even more than OSPF has one main concept that once captured make the protocol easier to understand. IS-IS is configured per router, not per interface and as a result there is much less work on the command side. I will admit that since I do not expect a lab in the exam I did not setup one. Don’t make this face, when you study for the exam you have to stay focused and be practical: Since IS-IS will never be part of my job and there is no lab waiting on the exam, why waste time on labs that will have no added value?

Halfway through with Volume I and three major protocols on my belt (EIGRP, OSPF and IS-IS) these are my BSCI study notes.

Starting Monday BGP and IPv6 are waiting (and the go over my notes, re-read the notes, get cold feet and take the exam)

Only 168 days left to complete my CCNP!

  1. February 14, 2010 at 9:05 am

    To be honest, the part with the routing protocols is the best in BSCI. I don’t like the multicast/ipv6 parts at all.
    And ISIS is quite a jewel once you get past all the funky OSI terminology and start actually seeing some functionality.

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