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BSCI – B for brutal?

My two days off ended and yesterday I started working on my BSCI materials.
The first day is always nice and optimistic as you start going through the books, checking the topics and reviewing the materials.

Today was a different story. Today I started the EIGRP chapter and I’m already overwhelmed by the amount of details. Don’t get me wrong here, EIGRP is relatively the easy piece on this exam (and I can’t wait for IS-IS which everyone hate) and the concept is relatively simple but coming from the ISCW exam I feel this is much more detailed.

I’ve decided to use a different study method for this exam.
Like with ISCW I start with the video, using CBT Nuggets by Jeremy Cioara and as I watch it I type my study notes. The difference here is the labs, I feel that watching the video on a protocol exam require working with the equipment while watching the video. It does make the video progress slower as I have to pause it both for study notes catch-up and lab practice but it make everything so much easier. You see how Jeremy run his lab and type the same command on your equipment, it just feel better.

I’ve setup a similar lab to the one used on the video to get as close as possible to the results on-screen. this is how it’s built:


I’m only midway through the EIGRP videos (god, more details on the way) but so far my lab has a working EIGRP network and I was able to test some of the show commands:

BB#sh ip eigrp topology
IP-EIGRP Topology Table for AS(1)/ID(

Codes: P – Passive, A – Active, U – Update, Q – Query, R – Reply,
r – reply Status, s – sia Status

P, 1 successors, FD is 2195456
via (2195456/281600), Serial0/0
P, 1 successors, FD is 2169856
via Connected, Serial0/0

BB#sh ip eigrp traffic
IP-EIGRP Traffic Statistics for AS 1
Hellos sent/received: 12/11
Updates sent/received: 4/3
Queries sent/received: 0/1
Replies sent/received: 1/0
Acks sent/received: 2/4
Input queue high water mark 2, 0 drops
SIA-Queries sent/received: 0/0
SIA-Replies sent/received: 0/0
Hello Process ID: 205
PDM Process ID: 182

BB#sh ip eigrp neighbors
IP-EIGRP neighbors for process 1
H   Address                 Interface       Hold Uptime   SRTT   RTO  Q  Seq
(sec)         (ms)       Cnt Num
0               Se0/0             11 00:00:26  128   768  0  6

You can already see the right buzz words in the output, show ip eigrp traffic provide all the steps of an EIGRP message and the number one definition on EIGRP, the Successors show under show ip eigrp topology.

I can’t wait for the second part of EIGRP tomorrow and hope to get it done with by the end of the weekend (it is Superbowl weekend which mean no study on Sunday).

Another thing I’ll do differently on this exam, due to the amount of details is breaking the study materials I post by subjects. That will be study notes and lab configurations available on the BSCI page when I complete each topic.

Find more labs here

  1. Andy M
    February 5, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    IS-IS could be a lot of headache for those who don’t understand it yet, because of it’s non-IP-based architecture. But once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find that’s it’s actually quite simpler compared to OSPF, at least in terms of implementation and topology design. Of course, that’s just my personal opinions.. If only I could get my hands on a fully-implemented IS-IS network… :p

    • Rofi Neron
      February 5, 2010 at 11:31 pm

      thank you guys. it’s amazing that everyone have their thoughts about IS-IS…

  2. Rob Flora
    February 5, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    That’s way I choose to get BCMSN and BCSI done first. The rest should be smooth sailing. IS-IS isn’t too bad, but BGP will make your head spin. I am looking forward to the CCIP track after I finish up with ISCW and ONT. I found BGP fascinating and can’t wait to dive deeper. Good luck on the BSCI.

    • Keepalive
      February 8, 2010 at 5:10 pm

      Hey Rob, did you do BCMSN before BCSI, and if so why? I’m working through BCSI first, but I have more switching experience than I do routing….. Maybe I should do BCMSN first?

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