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IPSec VPN study review

I was able to complete the IPSec VPN chapter over the weekend. It is good because I am still within the work frame I set for myself and it is encouraging.

After the GRE topic completion I still had a long way with 2 subjects:
High Availability which is mostly HSRP
EasyVPN via SDM which does take a big portion of both the video and the book but it is mostly intuitive screen shots of SDM’s easy to use (and familiar) GUI.

While I found this (long) chapter very familiar both in theory and my hand-on experience, It surprised me how different the two videos are.
In my First week summary I promised to share my insight on those differences between Jeremy Cioara’s CBT Nuggets (aka CBT) and Chris Bryant’s Train Signal (aka TS) video.
Here they are:
Video breakdown – TS has 3 long parts for the video compare with 6 easier to digest parts on the CBT video. I found it mostly significant with the concepts part which is the most complicated part of this topic.

Study book computability – While CBT run in the same order as the book, TS change both the order and emphasis of the different topics in this chapter. This was mostly noticed with GRE where CBT had a dedicated video and TS only spent few minutes on this topic.
Which way is better? Maybe I’ll get my answer on exam day but personally it make my life easier since I write my notes through the video and then read the book and follow the same notes in the same order. It is a time-saving issue.

Fun to watch (and mostly listen) – I know it is not a beauty contest and we do not see either guys but Chris Bryant walk you through the TS video with the serious face while Jeremy Cioara create a happy environment and bring life to the video, as much as possible with a couple of routers. Usually you would fall asleep or at least count the minutes left for the video, Jeremy’s video won’t let you!

MPLS – One word on the previous chapter, which summarize all the above. The CBT explanation was fun, very easy to comprehend and although it was the one topic I wasn’t familiar with I felt relaxed at the end knowing that labels are my friends.

I think it is clear that after watching the two, I am a Jeremy Cioara fan. Go Jeremy!

Today I started the Device Hardening chapter which include many familiar topics like NTP, SSH and Banners followed by SYN-Flooding and other attacks that would wait for later this week.

Tomorrow (which is actually today as it is past midnight) I take the day off to celebrate my birthday and hopefully I’ll get back Wednesday with full speed to finish the first round of video and book review by the end of this week.

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