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MPLS – the beast is not so scary

I’m about to call it a day. It’s the 3rd day of my studies and my ability to stay focus for longer periods of time is getting better.

This is my study method:
Watch the CBT Nuggets video(s) for the next chapter and then read it in the book.
While watching the video I type my notes (I’ve decided to avoid pen & paper), sometime I stop the video or even go back to repeat what seem to be an important explanation.
Reading the book I get over the same concepts, add or change the notes and mark the important definitions and commands. This is also where I start thinking about the lab though it is too early to talk about it.

After the first two familiar and relatively light subjects (mostly DSL and PPPoE) I started the one exam topic which I do not know and have no experience with: MPLS

I’ve watched the video, Jeremy Cioara is great. Not only I didn’t fall asleep, I actually feel that I understand MPLS and it is not as big and scary as I feared.

While the video kept me awake through its 3 parts, the book is more tedious with charts and examples of every optional MPLS domain out there (lesson 2 “assigning MPLS labels to packets”).

The labeling delivery concept reminded me a movie I watched last week (back in my freedom days) – Body of Lies, where Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) is left in the middle of the desert and the driver tell him “wait here” knowing nothing on the future of Mr Ferris. MPLS packets do exactly the same – they care about the delivery to the next hop using the label while ignoring the final destination, working on a need to know basis…

Tomorrow I plan on finishing the MPLS chapter and if time permit (it is the first day of work after the long New Year weekend so there is a good chance for surprises at the office) watch another MPLS video a friend recommended (Train Signal’s ISCW by Chris Bryant).

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