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Where should I start?

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Now that the project is real (and blogging about it makes it real) I have to make an important decision: What would be the order of the exams

While my instinct is starting with the 2008 Server exams and then deal with the CCNP certifications which I see as much harder, there is one exam I think will get precedence: ISCW

One of ISCW (Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks) major topics is VPN and since I’ve worked on many VPN connections during the last few months it is fresh and give me an edge with this exam.
I also feel comfortable with few other topics including IOS firewall, device hardening and security strategies which leave MPLS as the only major topic I have to spend a significant amount of time learning, both with the theory and practice lab.

I’ll be using Jeremy Cioara’s CBT Nuggets video which few friends recommended.
Digging to theory is not always that interesting but has to be done so I’ll read Cisco’s CCNP ISCW Quick Reference Sheets.

I will start my studies January 1st 2010: 10 more days of freedom…

Hello world!

December 18, 2009 1 comment

Starting this project I wonder how this coming year would turn out.
It is going to be busy for sure combining my full-time job as a System and Network Administrator (one man shop) for an Investment Bank in NYC with my family duties and now these exams.

I know it won’t be easy, especially when the exam date come closer and the pressure is high but looking back I hope to see a meaningful educating year.
Writing this blog will help me focus as I commit not only to myself but to the world (as if anyone is reading me)

My goal is not only passing the exams but learn from my studies. When I’ll face new and unfamiliar capabilities I will not only read about them but test it in my lab and maybe even implement in my production environment.

The books have been ordered and shipped, they will arrive any day now and coming January 1st my project will take off.